DownSouth Wrap-up

While we were enjoying the experience of being part of Redfin’s official launch party, we did have time to talk to some people and if we didn’t talk to them, we sometimes just stole the company name off their name tag. Because of the significant role that Redfin played and their recent release, we hope to put together a full post about the company, so here is a glance at some of the other players at the event. Speaking of players, since he seemed to be in a similar boat as ourselves and was kind enough to drop us a couple links in his post, we wanted to give a shout out to Ethan Herdrick (why was it so hard for me to write down that URL?). Check out his post about the event.

One of the first people we talked to outside the Redfin umbrella was Nathan (C. Kaiser?)? from nPost is a web resource for those interested in entrepreneurship? that features interviews, job postings, and even hosts networking events. The next networking event is coming soon at The Great Nabob in Seattle. Redfin is one of the sponsors of this event. The interviews are a great resource to those aspiring to achieve their own greatness, featuring interviews of Jimmy Wales (WikiPedia founder), Toni Schneider (CEO of at the time), and Bob Parsons (CEO of to name a few. If we’re lucky, we may get to be on that list one day.

We talked to Steve Hall from Vulcan Capital. Vulcan Capital was started by someone named Paul G. Allen (maybe you’ve heard of him?) in 1986. Vulcan Capital seems to have two categories with their portfolio, technology and life sciences, and includes Redfin. Again, if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll be on that list one day.

Luke Stapley was there representing the Game Addict Hotline. Luke is a podcaster covering everything to do with video games, but I was really impressed with his most recent post on net-neutrality. Like ourselves, he? seems to be a relatively new to the arena, but provides a fairly useful resource to those looking to keep up-to-date about the world of gaming.

Although we considered Luke’s efforts to be fairly ambitious, Christopher Johnson, PhD definitely took the cake. The founder and solo developer of Phrasetrain? is looking to share your language and help find web feeds using the collective intelligence of natural language. This may sound like a bunch of fluff, but after talking to Chris and his vision for the evolution of search, we’re really interested in seeing his product. Because his site isn’t up and running, we feel best not to comment much more than that (most of that was from his business card :)).

We talked to another individual working on a stealth project. John O’Halloran, CEO of Pipestone, gave us a look inside what the company was working on. Again, without commenting too much on what we are privy too, Pipestone is busy making the web conform to [us]. When we were talking to him, the topic of net companies from our area came up, and StumbleUpon was one of them. John indicated that StumbleUpon is somewhat of a competitor to what they are developing, and given the press that the former Calgary-based company has gotten of late, we’re sure there will be several users interested in Pipestone.

To cap off the night, we got to talk to the man himself, described by Glen Kelman of Redfin as a sweetheart and definitely not an a-hole as some have suggested, Mr. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. We were shocked by the agressive moves people made to get in front of us as we patiently waited to talk to Michael (are we too Canadian?), and although the last was probably the worst, she was blonde and much cuter than either one of us, so we can’t blame him. We are avid readers of TechCrunch and shocked to hear that he’d actually visited our blog through one of our trackbacks, and gave us information about a way to get written about, albeit indirectly, based on an article he will be writing on Widgets (again, we feel it’s best to say less).

As for ourselves, we told people about our blog,, which you are probably already aware of if you are reading this, and also about our release of FKMarry is a game, described by someone last night as our own spin on a “Hot or Not” (and we refuse to link to that website because Silent Rob doesn’t like the comparison), that was inspired by a local radio station. Hopefully you’ll take enough interest to actually go to the site so I won’t describe it any more than that - heck, if you made it to the end of this post, wouldn’t you be cheating yourself not to check it out?

Other than what’s mentioned above, we heard about Mixi, a japanese social networking site, and saw a handful of people from Newsvine. We waited patiently behind some people we believe were from (no website up, so we didn’t link), saw who we believe is Josh Santangelo from EndQuote? (what does it take to be a professional troublemaker?), as well as? someone from PixPulse.

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