TechCrunch Seattle

So, we got off work a little early, crossed the border with little trouble (just for the record, the Canadian border guards┬? were much gentler with the rubber gloves), hopped on the I-5, and made our way down to the Redfin/TechCrunch┬? Seattle party. We were a little early, and put to work almost immediately, helping with the important parts of the event like bringing in the kegs of beer, hammering in signs, and helping setup tables. We met some great new people at Redfin, and were lucky enough to be the official Canadians at the event. Thank you to Angela (I hear she hates the name ‘Angie’), Glenn (with 2 “n’s”), and Ryan (done alphabetically to avoid offending anyone :)) for everything last night, next time we hope we can stay longer!

In the 90’s, this type of event was somewhat common among Internet companies. We talked with a few different people about that, and we think this is a good sign that confidence is returning to the industry. This time around, businesses are less extravagant, and the businesses more sound. The talk about another bubble should be a concern, but after rubbing elbows with some of our colleagues in the industry, we’d like to think those involved in the Web 2.0 revolution have learned something from the past.

Living in Vancouver, British Columbia, it often feels like we’re a country and three states away from what’s really going on in the world of the Internet, something we do consider to be a detriment to our progress and our ability to find that level of success and credibility┬? in the industry that we strive for. It’s good to attend an event like that to remind us that the Internet really is a global phenomenon, and we are really only a country and ONE state away from an important piece of the puzzle.

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