techFive - 11/10/06

Windows VistaAs mentioned, we are starting to get back on track with the blog and starting to get more regular with our posts. You might see a little more diversity in the posts. I’ve started looking a lot more at online security and have started contributing to the company blog for Dyrand Systems Inc.┬? If things go really well, I may even get to start watching my net-girlfriend again, Maria Sandstone - Now get back to work!

1. AOL, MSFT, GOOG: What Are They Doing in the Sandbox┬? - The big boys are looking at being more inventive. It’s getting more and more expensive to buy the next-great-thing, and they really do have the resources to develop them.

2. Microsoft’s Entertainment Domination Plan┬? - I remember having the debate with my Dad about 10 years ago now over who would end up controlling your entertainment needs - Sony or Microsoft. He might have picked the winner on this one.

3. The Web 2.0 Short-Sellers’ List┬? - It’s almost impossible to get away from talk about the bubble bursting, again.┬? Paul┬? Kedrosky┬? was given an interesting question, that he mishandled,┬? and gives a couple interesting points to consider.

4. The Best and the Worst of the Web 2.0 Summit┬? - Although I didn’t keep up with it personally, from an industry standpoint, this is obviously a big deal, and I know the people at GigaOm would provide some great commentary on what went down.

5. Windows Vista Review┬? - As I mentioned, there is definitely more reading about security in my daily dose of information, and this article reflects that. Hard to ignore when the Dark Side makes this kind of release.

Honourable mention: Being election week and all, it’s only fitting to mention the controversy surrounding the electronic voting machines. We wrote a post about it earlier this week - here.

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