techFive - Top Five Tech Stories from the Week of 02.09.07

5.  Very Silent Rob - This post was actually made on-time last week, but due to server troubles, it wasn’t posted. I was browsing our posts, and noticed that I had actually saved a draft, and this post was NOT lost forever, just 1/5th or 20% of it was lost. So… I will use this as leverage to help convince Rob to make that darn migration a bigger priority! Sorry Rob, it was either this, or leave it blank. :) .

4. Digg Top Users - First they were removed from the site. At the tail end of last week, it was announced that the Digg top users were back , hosted on Christopher Finke’s website, who scrapes the data off Digg. This week, a Wall Street Journal article takes these net-stars to a more-mainstream audience. The article highlights the work these individuals do and the influence they have because of it, and introduces it to the average person.

3. Zune Phone Confirmed - The 4G WiMax phone that is described in that CrunchGear article is just amazing. It’s taking every user to the doorstep of constant broadband connectivity, with enough juice to support streaming from an X-box. Redmond is expected make an official news release in the next month, but the article suggests the Zune phone will be released BEFORE the iPhone.

2. Wikipedia running out of cash - The idea that a site like Wikipedia, something that represents, in my opinion, everything that makes the Internet great, might have to shut itself down is some of the worst news that I’ve ever heard.

1. Yahoo! Pipes - When someone like Tim O’Reilly calls it a milestone in the history of the internet, it’s got to be good. For another good article that helps describe the service, check out Jeremy Zawodny’s post here.

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