Back-to-school Facebook Blues?

Comscore graph: MySpace vs. Facebook (2007)With so much buzz surrounding the site, especially since the opening up to include non-student usersĀ and the release of the API earlier this year, it seems a little deflating and almost like a lie to believe the latest comscore numbers for Facebook - traffic is down. While some may question this, I think it’s quite expected; the users that fueled the growth of the site were students, and when Facebook opened up to non-students, it would have been near semester’s end. With these students looking to enjoy the summer, parties, bbq’s, and end-of-the-year celebrations would have been created as events on Facebook, and their non-student friends would have been invited. The year in pictures might have been sent out to contacts, too.

With these students all returning to school, the summer ended and people settle down, and face it, the novelty (and annoyance) of having your life heavily rooted in the Facebook world is probably wearing off. Although this unexpected decrease could have been expected, it doesn’t seem to have hurt the site’s chances of getting purchased - rumours are swirling that Yahoo might have re-entered the picture.

Comscore: Social Networks - August, September 2007

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